Y’all Been Eating Long Enough

A professor once told me that you should never be the one to tell yourself no. You can never be the one to disqualify yourself from the game before you even begin playing.

In my 25 years, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that you absolutely CANNOT fake hunger. Hunger is what seperates possibility from achievement and the potential from the actual. You can see it someone’s eyes, burning in the corneas like a fever. It’s that tickle in the back of the throat warning you that a cough is coming and nothing can stop it.

That hunger is like a disease. It keeps you up at night plotting and planning. It’s like you can’t stop climbing because you know the moment you stop and take a breath someone will climb on your shoulders to get to the top, cuz truthfully what you’re not willing to do, there will be ALWAYS be someone who WILL. It’s up to you to decide what’s worth sacrificing and what’s not, and the starving consider sacrificing even their sanity sometimes.

There will always be those who let life happen to them and are perfectly content with whatever is placed on their plate and they eat to live. But like Jay-Z said “This can’t be life” and others refuse to settle for what’s on the menu. Those are the ones who are pushing the chef out the way to prepare a meal they can savor that will hopefully satisfy the craving. These people savor the meal and eat to enjoy, but their hunger will never be satisfied because what’s been achieved is never enough.  They are always thinking of a way to make it better. Yeah, maybe they’ve been eating long enough, or maybe everyone else just needs to get their appetite up…


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