Just realized that I’m a broke, angsty, writer type…

Here’s some poems from when I was recently inspired while looking for a jar of mayonnaise in the fridge (that’s the thing about inspiration: it really does come out of nowhere).

The Moment Before

They say it’s darkest before dawn

And right now I just can’t see

I guess the moment before my dreams came true

Was the moment I fell asleep

The moment before I finally made it

I just about gave up

The moment before I couldn’t take anymore

I thought I’d never have enough

How does the moment before…

you lose your mind feel

Prior to when perceived becomes real

You know it hurts the most

the moment before it heals

Obsession, do you know why it’s you I ignore

Anticipation, that’s the gal I adore

Because the moment after could never compare

with the moment before



I feel like I’m trying to find a million days

a million ways

But really I’m just running out of time

And I’m writing all the words

to songs I’ve never heard

But they seem to always play inside my mind

And if hindsight is 20/20

Then I must be going blind

But the past falls clear upon my ears

Like snowfall in summertime

My whole life

written in Latin

in between the lines

On parchment paper past its prime

Where’s my butter brick road

If my version is in black and white




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