Made U Look: Fall Fashion Wishlist

For autumn 2010, I am loving the return of everything feminine w/ a hint of edgy textures including leather, lace and bows! Here’s an idea of what to keep an eye out for to fall fashionably forward:

1.) Feather Earrings: These caught my heart as soon as I saw “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale rocking a pair.

A couple of my fav’s courtesy of

2.) Anything with bows: Purses, shoes and hats are just a few fall favorites that are made extra feminine when all tied up with a bow.

Steve Madden Cammyy

3.) Flowers: Add a feminine touch to anything.  When kept simple, they add a touch of something different without being too “extra”

Flower Knit Beret

Big Buddha Mia Satchel

4.) Leather: Usually reserved for purses, shoes, and expensive upholstery, leather is slowly finding a way into all pieces.  Remember: Faux is just as fierce!

Louis Vuitton

Vanessa Hudgens in True Religion (Glamour Magazine)

5.) Anything in a grey/black/white color combo: Muted tones make a mature and sophisticated return just in time for autumn

Coy Minnie Mouse Tee

Aurora Almond Toe Pumps

7.) Patterned tights: Go big or go home!  Add extra drama to any outfit with this fun accessory

Baroque Tawny Tights

Alexander McQueen


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