FanMail: Dear Fantasia…

Dear Fannie Mae:

In no way do I take suicide lightly and I try my best not to pass judgment on anyone, since that is truly not my place.  With that said, your career is one where the spotlight is your office leaving you at the mercy of others’s caustic opinions.

I am hoping for your sake that all of the controversy surrounding you as of late is purely for publicity in anticipation of your upcoming release. Honestly, up until this point I was really rooting for you to overcome your less than polished ways: your frequent unprofessional absences from a Broadway production, your feet’s undeniable urge to be released like P.Diddy remix in the nineties whenever there is a crowd within a short distance, or the incessant need to have ink penetrate your epidermis whenever the scent of testosterone lingers in the air.  But the latest media circus that surrounds your “suicide attempt” has left me dumbfounded.  I ponder did you even consider your daughter as well as the friends, family and fans that love, support and depend on you?  If so, then Dr. Phil take the wheel because I believe you honestly need some counseling and a steeping hot serving of self-love.  We all make mistakes and facing those mistakes forces you to learn and improve as a person.  I understand your life is not a fairytale, but at some point we must all stop playing the victim and save ourselves.   May god grant you the common sense and mathematical skills to count your blessings.


Truth With a Hint of Lie


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