Hindsight (Version 2)

I feel like I’m trying to find a million days

A million ways

But really I’m just running out of time

And I’m always trying to find the words

To songs I’ve never heard

But they seem to always play inside my mind

And if hindsight is 20/20

Then I must being going blind

But the past is clear upon my ears

Like snowfall in summertime

My whole life written in Latin…in between the lines

On parchment paper past its prime

Where’s my butter brick road

If my version’s in black and white

Can we for just one night  play pretend

and dare to be something we’ve never been

And I remember

The last time it was December

And I thought that I would never

bleed like that again

I bet you didn’t know

The best ones leave a burn

and most of what I’ve learned

Lies buried beneath the snow


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