I’m Reloaded…


I know I deserve my ass whooped for abandoning my blog, my baby, my readers (if I have any left).  But to tell the truth, I’ve been cheating on TruthWithAHintofLie with a freelancing position at MadameNoire and moonlighting under the name “Toya Sharee” since December of 2010.  Let me just say I have sincerely been enjoying working with the site and seeing the comments from so many witty readers with such a wide variety of opinions.  Rest assured I appreciate all of the support as well as all of the criticism.  I also am still a little geeked to see my name written along so many talented writers.  So for all who love to see my thoughts on love, relationships, fashion, beauty and celebs, you can head over to www.MadameNoire.com to not only hear some of my truths, but the musings of some other great writers.

What does that mean for Truth…? It means that it has been laid to rest.  When I first came up with my former blog title, I was never in love with it. I wanted something fun and catchy and I settled for a title I was less than satisfied with. As a result, every time I laid my eyes on my blog heading, I was in fact living a lie because it wasn’t what really represented my life.  After a short identity crisis, my new blog title came to me after I heard Ms. Beyonce’ Knowles belt, “Thank God I dodged a bullet…” in her single Best Thing I Never Had.  It got me thinking about all of the experiences I’ve had over the past few years.  Working with MadameNoire has granted me a ton of great opportunities.  In the summer in 2011 I was featured on the New York Times website’s “Room for Debate”.  My contribution, “Breaking the Tradition” focused on cultural influence in corporal punishment.  This past year I also made a difficult transition from teaching sexual health to teens in the suburbs to a position that allows me to work with teen parents in the inner city and helping them build family relationship skills.  (And I can’t front, it was a nice upgrade to my income as well).  And soon I’ll be featured in the erotically educational and uncensored Corset Magazine.

With that said, I thought of all the bad boyfriends, the fake friends and the general “bullets” I dodged and the blessings that took their place.  I also realized that what might be bullets for me, may very well have been blessings for someone else.  I’m at a place in my life where I’m finally feeling like I am dodging the bullets and learning to catch the blessings.  And I’ve decided I refuse to fear success and allow my writing to propel me as high as it’s meant to.

It means that I’m about to get a lot less sleep because I’m back and ready to be writing all day…everyday.  I’m reloaded and ready to bring to you all of my random musings I once featured.  I’m working on a few “Made U Look” fashion posts that will feature how much my style has changed in the past few years as well as some “FanMail” posts so I can give my personal take on the daily fuckery on the lives of celebs and try to offer a bit of guidance if I can. 

What makes Bullets and Blessings different from my work on MadameNoire is that I’ll be talking about anything and everything without editing myself.  I’ll be writing because that’s what I’m meant to do, not putting out bullshit to get hits or become the next blogger turned celeb.  And that’s not to say that anything I write is ever half-hearted, but through Bullets and Blessings I want my readers to know that I’m more than a sex educator, more than a relationship expert because I’m just Toya Sharee.


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