Made U Look: Jeffrey Campbell Hidden Wedge Sneakers

I’d like to introduce you to the man that will have this broad broke by the end of summer, Mr. Jeffrey Campbell.  Ok so maybe not the actual man, but the absolutely fabulous footwear that is a result of his edgy and sexy creativity.  You may already be familiar with Mr. Campbell, if you ever seen these things:

I wasn’t exactly a fan of “Lita”.  They managed to look quite cute on contemporary clones discovering their inner hipster, but I wasn’t convinced they weren’t taken from the pages of “The Crucible”.

But his wedge sneakers…now this is something I can get into.  You know how you see a shoe, and it’s like price is not even a concern, because you just need to have them in your life. (I’m cracking up because I just had to spell check the word “hoe” into “shoe” which would have taken this post in a completely different direction.)  Anywayz, I have completely fallen head over heels for Campbell’s genius that is “Edea” as well as some other favorites which are a mix between Saved By the Bell, rock and roll and costume design on a Ridley Scott set.  Take a look at some of my fav’s:

“Edea” $225.00

“Teramo” $206.00

“Gio” $199.95

“Venice” $170.00


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