Everybody Hates Kristen…But Fo’ Why?

So let’s think: Last week I suffered all week from heat-induced asthma, my co-workers and I anxiously navigated the budget cuts of a small non-profit fresh off of a colleague’s firing, oh and the world found out that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson.  Amazingly enough, I cared more about collapsing a lung and losing my job then I cared for Stewart’s infidelity.  Apparently, I was one of few.  Katie and Tom, I saw coming.  Heidi and Seal, hurt my heart and I don’t know about you, but I am still not over Bruce and Demi.  But out of all the celebrity break-ups and divorces that happen about as regularly as a rogue nipple on the red carpet, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the devastation that Kristen Stewart’s infidelity seems to be causing the faithful fans of Robert Pattinson.

Obviously, Stewart will not be the last celebrity chica to cheat and Pattinson will not be the first aesthetically delectable dish to be deceived (Can I get a witness, Halle Berry?), but for some reason fans across the globe feel personally slighted when certain celeb romances go south.  But what the unsettling obsession the public seems to have with the demise of this duo painfully reveals is that: Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships aren’t real.  And yes, even beautiful people get cheated on too.  For some reason, fans continue to put these fantastical relationships on a pedestal and have the nerve to be insulted when they start collapsing and cracking under the pressure.  When news broke of Kristen’s indiscretion, Tumblr postings from Twihard fans around the world were heartbroken, sympathetic and a tad disturbing.  I mean, for a minute I couldn’t tell whose heart was more broken.  Here are some of my favs:

twilight whispers: I want her to say she was drunk or drugged or whatever. I want this nightmare to end.

daironline: I’m still hoping that the whole Kristen cheating on Robert thing isn’t true, but if it is, I have definitely lost all faith in love.

If today’s Hollywood couples are what we as a society are holding as the standard of true love, we really need to revisit our views on romance.  I mean let’s be honest, in another life Kristen Stewart would probably be pledging some sorority in a sleepy college town while bouncing through keggers in a fresh pair of cozy Uggs.  But in this life she’s a leading Hollywood lady after gaining much of her fame portraying “Bella” in the Twilight movie franchise based on the popular series of teen books whose claim to fame are warring werewolves and vampires. (I actually preferred characters similar to the broody, withdrawn adolescents she played pre-Twilight in movies like Panic Room and Lifetime’s Speak). Stewart is all of 22 years-old, an age that most women are just discovering that they even want a serious relationship, let alone what that relationship should look like.   So would I be surprised if “Bella and Edward” didn’t make it through the test of time?  Yes, because in a fictional story perfection can and sometimes should happen, but am I surprised or slighted that Kristen and Robert didn’t make it down the aisle?  Not one bit.  I’ve had unfamiliar bus transfers that I’ve worried more about.

Admittedly, there are better ways that Stewart could have handled the affair.  But hey, couldn’t we have all handled things a bit better if we had the foresight at 22 that we gain by 32?  And I do feel for Pattinson. Here’s his woman, his co-star, a woman he was probably very much in love with and suddenly there are pictures of her embracing and boo-loving with a married director.  Kristen attempted some damage control, issuing an apology that read, ““This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”  But as plenty of Facebook walls and Cheaters episodes can attest to, getting caught cheating is anything but pretty and there isn’t much you can do to ease the pain and hurt it causes.

The point is the only ones that should be experiencing any hurt and pain are the people that are directly involved.  The downfall of their relationship won’t affect my income, sanity or well-being.  In a few months we’ll be onto the next celebrity breakup, Pattinson will be whisking another starlet off of her feet, and Twilight will be yesterday’s news as we salivate over who will play Mr. Christian Grey.

So if you ever find yourself losing sleep or sanity over any of the personal successes and failures of your favorite celeb, you really need to do some serious self-evaluation and maybe start exploring a life outside of TMZ and Twitter that includes interaction with actual people. I guess it’s easier to obsess over the problems of celebs than actively work on our own because maybe, just maybe, we have more influence than we think over our own destiny.

But seriously, if Victoria ever breaks David Beckham’s heart, I may just have to give her a fair one.


2 thoughts on “Everybody Hates Kristen…But Fo’ Why?

  1. Tanya Saunders says:

    Hey Natoya! First, let me say that I’m super proud of all the great editorial work you’ve been doing. Now, I just want to say that I agree with you whole-heartedly about this nonsense with Kristen and Rob. I didn’t lose an ounce of sleep or stop going to work because of it. Like, they are regular people and make mistakes like regular people will. Just because they’re in the public eye doesn’t mean they’re infallible. And trust me, that “apology” was just as half-assed as you could get. Issued ONLY cause she got busted. A bad episode of Celebrity Cheaters. lol!
    Oh yeah, and if Victoria EVER leaves David….. I’m SO in there! lol.

    • bulletsandblessings says:

      Hey Tanya! Thanks for the love (and the comment because I don’t get many on here). But yes our culture’s obsession with celebrity relationships MUST end!

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