Made u Look: Deux Lux

The faux leather material has begun to peel and pull away from the handles of my beloved black H&M bag that my cousin bought for me just because she was once balling as a sales associate for T-Mobile.  This means it’s time to find a new bucket bag which has turned into a three-month long struggle.  It’s because I don’t like bags that I see on some different woman’s shoulder every five seconds.  I don’t want a monogrammed mess of “MK’s” or “D&B’s” that end up looking identical.  I need to find a bag that I instantly fall in love with that can store my day-planner (Yes I still write in one of those, carry a Blackberry and haven’t deleted my BlackPlanet account.  Is that a problem?), my inhaler, five lip glosses at a time, my Loreal True Match compact powder and a variety of other things that I don’t need but give me comfort knowing they’re within an arm’s length even if they all are sitting on top of my pepper spray.

If you’re like me and need a bag that only looks like you dropped a grand and just a tad bit funky and fun, you should be visiting DeuxLux. com  (pronounced “duh loo” and as far as I know means “two light”).  The inspiration behind these sexy bags are mother-daughter duo, Fati Mahdavi (aka “Mama”) and Sara Naghedi.  This is probably the reason that the bags usually offer the best of both worlds: studs and hardware for the edgy, ruffles and pastels for the feminine, sequins and glitter for the glamorous.  Also the bags are classic quality, but don’t look dated.  Most of them are made of vegan letter and come packaged in a carrying case that makes you feel like luxury.  Most importantly, you will not see everyone and their mama walking down the street with these bags.  Deux Lux usually offers some kick-ass sales where they take almost half off the price of last season’s favorites.  In fact, they are having one right now.  Here are some favs that I’ve purchased and some that are on my wish list:

Anais Turn-Lock StachelThis beauty originally listed at $130.00 was just slashed on sale for $90.00 After stalking it since Christmas I just got mine in black.

Anais Turn-Lock Satchel: This beauty originally listed at $130.00 was just slashed on sale for $90.00. After stalking it since Christmas I just got mine in black.

Deux Lux Bowery Weekender

Bowery Weekender: For those weekends spent at the boyfriend’s house, this baby just went from $120.00 to $98.00.

Deux Lux Empire Strikes Back Clutch

Empire Strikes Back Clutch: For the spike lover in fun colors.

Deux Lux Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie: No offense intended, but this bag looks deliciously different.

Deux Lux King Messenger

King Messenger: Good luck finding this one. Love the bold lines and even bolder colors.

Deux Lux Love Drops Hobo

Love Drops Hobo: The super girly bows make this bag effortlessly elegant.

Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag

Ruffle Bucket Bag: My second purchase ever from Deux Lux. A little on the small side for me, but the ruffles were so cute. (Not to mention the zipper broke after day one, but that may be just because I tried to stuff my whole life in it).

Deux Lux Twist Knot Hobo

Twist Knot Hobo: My introduction to Deux Lux that I accidentally came across on the Urban Outfitters website. It was a Christmas gift and makes me feel expensive. My favorite bag ever. I could seriously store a small child in this bad boy and the best part is: I have never seen anyone with it. Currently carrying it.


3 thoughts on “Made u Look: Deux Lux

  1. Girligirl Boutique says:

    This is a great post, you picked some beautiful bags to highlight! We can’t get enough of Deux Lux at girligirl boutique, they’re some of our hotest sellers. Anyways, keep up the great posts! =)

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