Made U Look: My Undying Love for Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)

H&M Store

There’s a reason you can usually find several H&M stores within blocks of one another in most metropolitan cities.  They’re simply dope.  When I came across the Thought Catalog post, How to Shop H&M in 20 Simple Steps, I instantly sent it to all of my friends.  Because they are all well aware that sending me to H&M is like sending a fat kid to the Tastykake factory.  And at least once they’ve been dragged through Times Square, Center City Philadelphia or the King of Prussia or Neshaminy malls as a part of my deep-seeded plan to visit all 2,800 stores throughout the world.  Because they all really do carry something different.  There is no reason every girl (and some guys) shouldn’t have at least three items from H&M in their closet. Check out 10 reasons why you should be shopping with Hennes and Mauritz (and 1 reason it may be hard for you to) accompanied by ten items that I have my eye on for Spring 2013.


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