Juice Detox Week One: The Liver Cleanser

I was obsessed with this purple color.

I was obsessed with this purple color.

Between the spiked egg nog, Mad Mex’s Big Ass Margarita and Cuervo Gold Tequila Flight Shots, I spent most of the holiday in an inebriated daze.  After one hangover too many (and getting kicked out of the same club for the second time) I really started to have some severe concerns about my health and well-being.  Well, actually it started with me waking up the next morning after a Friday night Happy Hour with a sharp pain under my right side of my ribcage.  I found myself Googling what organs were located on that side of the body just in case my liver was malfunctioning, and even though it only turned out to be gas, it was enough to scare me into a break from the bottle.

You won’t see me on an episode of Intervention, but it’s no secret that I enjoy my fair share of the spirits, but after going hard and heavy over the holidays I started to worry about the damage I was doing to my organs.  I was far from an intervention, but still partying more than I did my senior of college and that’s a problem. I’m slowly approaching thirty and it’s becoming clear to me that my lifestyle of Five Guys Fridays  and my weekend dates with Wine and Spirits will eventually catch up to not only my appearance but my health as well.  It’s official: I’m not invincible.

In an effort to start making some healthy choices, I’ve decided to take baby steps. Starting yesterday, I decided to eliminate soda and alcohol from my diet for at least a month and joined by my big sis limit myself to water and 25 Delectable Detox Smoothies that she found on Prevention.com.  Every week I’ll update you guys on which ones tasted great and which ones made us gag, which ones made us feel a little healthier and which ones seemed to be a complete waste. I’ll also include some helpful hints on which recipes were wallet-friendly since something tells me going green is a lot more expensive than my dear friend, Mr. Takeout.  First up:  The Liver Cleanser (since I thought I was close to losing my own).


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