Juice Detox Week 2: “Environmental Science Smoothie” and “The Super Green”


Well week 2 is over and done with and detoxing is starting to have my body question what the hell is going on…but in a good way.  But before I get into my tales of gagging and fruit snacks I have a few confessions.  I broke down and had a Big Mac Extra Value Meal last Friday which wasn’t too bad, until I forgot the happy hour I had planned to celebrate a co-worker’s new job.  This past Friday came and went and while that co-worker ended up not even being able to attend for his congratulatory cocktails, the rest of us decided that was no reason to not get happy.  I broke down and had 2 Big Ass Margaritas, then made a weekend of it the next day and 2 Red, White and Blue ‘Ritas at Ruby Tuesday.  So much for the detox, and this might even be starting to signal the start of a drinking problem.  I never realized how much I associated unwinding with having a drink.  And while I don’t see myself at an AA meeting anytime soon, I should probably evaluate some other options on how to de-stress.

Besides the slight tequila intake, for the most part I have stuck to the juices and water and trying to work well-balanced meals into most of my days.  I never realized how much I snack out of impulse, and it’s hardest not to do at work since there’s always pretzels and candy readily available and two Five Guys not even a mile apart.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during week 2 is that changing your diet is really about changing your lifestyle.  I never realized exactly what that meant until this weekend.  If I’m not at a club (drinking), or listening to some Pandora while I wait up for my boyfriend to get off work (drinking), or having a Wine and Wii weekend with my bestie, I was kind of at a loss.  I was…well bored.   Netflix was little more entertaining after a couple shots and doing the Dougie alone in the living room mirror seemed a little less loserish after a glass of Grand Cosmo.  So maybe on a deeper level detoxing is not really just about staying sober, but finding other ways to have fun.


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