Juice Detox Week 3: “Crazy Sexy Goddess”


It’s a wrap for Week 3 as me and my sister’s adventures in detoxing continues. Last night we visited our friendly neighborhood Chinese market (ole’ girl who got me for my mango rang us up but I made sure all of our veggies made it to the bag) to buy some ingredients for our next detox which is yet to be announced.  We bought some of the things we know we’ve enjoyed so far like spinach and kiwi and are going to try and just wing it for this week.

As fruit snack lady gave us our whopping total of 15.22, I began to wonder exactly how cost effective our homemade detox actually is.  Last night we bought 2 medium sized bundles of spinach, 11 oz. of blueberries, 1 lb. of strawberries, 4 kiwis and 32 fl. Oz. of Zola Acai Pomegranate Juice with the latter being the most expensive out of all the items at $5.00.  Our bulk of ingredients usually yield enough juice for 4 servings of juice (2 for sis and 2 for me).  Meaning that most of the time we are only juicing 2-3 days out of the week, not nearly as much as I planned.


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