Made U Look: Skater Dresses


Allow me to introduce the latest of the guilty pleasures and the shameful reason I have been skinny-dipping into my savings: Skater Dresses and UK Shopping.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am dreading to see fall and winter go because those are the seasons my style loves the most.  Between pea coats, knee boots and skinny jeans, and layers of neutral tones, cold weather was made for my closet. I was dreading shopping for spring. I still have childhood resentment towards my skinny calves which look awkward in shorts, so I limit myself mostly to dresses, jeans and tank tops.  I guess I’ve always felt my creativity became stifled when the weather turns warm.

But thanks to the fashion gods over at and UK, not only have I become obsessed with skater dresses, but the overseas sites I’ve found them on.  So why are they called skater dresses?  With their A-line hems and silhouettes of flirty fabrics, skater dresses are meant to resemble a commercial take on the costumes worn by figure skaters.  Skater dresses are usually composed of low necklines, high hemlines and a flared out waistline.  The dresses are meant to be fitted but with plenty of movement and the best part: They’re flattering to most figures, from the petites to the big girls.

So after adding several to my online shopping cart with the hopes that my items would stay there until pay day, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to fashion the Brits just do it better. Although is my fave, I’ve browsed other retailers across the pond including TopShop, Missguided, Lipsy and Miss Selfridge.  One of the biggest pros of overseas on-line shopping is that you’ll find cute styles that everyone and their mama won’t be wearing when you pass them on a city sidewalk near you. Take a look at some of my favorite skater dresses as well as some tips for shopping abroad without even boarding a flight:


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