Does it Matter to Men if It’s Fake?

As much as I try to reassure myself that Nicki Minaj’s body is only banging cuz it’s bought, the more I find myself wondering if that even matters.  I must say, that even if it’s been butchered to look that way, the stills of her in French Montana’s “Freaks” video that were recently released have me feeling all kinds of self-conscious.  Although the blonde Barbie has never openly confessed that her curves came courtesy of a scalpel, she’s definitely never denied it.

I consider myself lucky, and it’s not because I’ve got a pair of perky B-cups and wear a size 4, but because most days I look in the mirror and know I’m beautiful, because I know if I don’t believe it there’s no way I can ever expect anyone else to.  I’m not even a subscriber to typical girl power mantras of, “Be happy with what God gave you” or “Beauty’s only skin deep”  because I know damn well there’s something about a head full of Brazilian Wave and a pair of 5” platform heels that take me from:


I’m still undecided on whether all of the breast and booty implant madness is just an epidemic of women doing what they need to do to feel better about themselves or the result of women wanting to be the baddest bitch in most men’s eyes.  Whether she wants an ass that can swallow a G-string or she just wants her breasts to look the way they once did before breastfeeding, every woman’s reasoning for going under the knife is different and to every woman feels her reason is just as important as any other’s.  Like I said, I don’t knock women doing what they need to feel beautiful, as long as she is the one who’s truly defining that beauty.  But let’s be honest, every woman gets a little bit of switch in her hip and a boost of confidence when some man tells her she’s “bad”.  She could have a face like a Rottweiler but if her ass is in a Hunger Games battle with her panty line, you can’t tell that woman she’s not the finest thing to ever need a game plan to squeeze into skinny jeans.

If you refer to any Lil’ Wayne video, Basketball Wives episode or ballers getting bottle service in VIP “bad” is defined as a woman with a fat ass, big titties and a small waist and bonus points if she’s got a face like Lauren London.  I mean really, in a world full of Nicki Minaj bodies what’s a man to want with some perky B-cups and a real fat ass.  By “real” I don’t just mean hydrogel-free, I’m talking about an ass that’s not only fat but one that is sprinkled with dimples, slathered by cellulite and has stretch mark patterns that could give Mapquest a fair one.  But do men care about what God gave us as much as our insecurities may hope they do?

Well the first man I decided to ask was the boyfriend, although I wasn’t sure he be capable of giving me an honest answer.  After quickly reminding me that he doesn’t represent all men he responded, “Fake asses and titties are nice to look at, but at the end of the day it’s corny because you bought it.  Any girl can be bad if that’s the case.”  Still I ask do breast implants or booty implants look or feel any differently?  I know when I look at Nicki Minaj I can’t deny that’s she’s sexy as hell, but there’s still something a little too perfect and plastic about her.  It’s kind of like having a knockoff LV bag.  Even the best one’s are nice to look at, but there’s always something a little off about it and what’s worse is the self-doubt that comes with knowing you don’t have the real thing…even if it’s only a little bit.


One thought on “Does it Matter to Men if It’s Fake?

  1. Samuel says:

    Looking for an homest answer? Well, here’s one. Fake or real matters, but not as much for a hookup, and I’m never doing a girl with B cups and a gross dimple ass. D cups and DD cups are real for 20 percent of women, and girls with big, real, cellulite free asses exist. It takes hard work – ie lots of squats and a good diet- for most girls to get there if they weren’t born with it (hell, even if they have the genetics) and I respect that. Believe it or not, most of the actresses on Football wives are real. Now, I’m just one guy, but I’m sure a lot of brothers feel exactly the same way about this I do. Don’t feel discouraged, or lash out at me about this: there’s a pathway to self improvement (squats, and improving qualities other than your body- like cooking and cleaning for your man), and plenty of thirsty men who will snatch you up as you are (well, as long as you aren’t absolutely obese- but even if you’re fat…). All this in mind, it’s important to be okay with how your body looks, although it’s much more important to take really good care of it.

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