Made U Look: Mint Condition

While I’m anxiously awaiting for the peplum trend to die an ugly death, I’ve become quite fond of a particular color. Now y’all know when I stray from black, grey and white it’s kind of a big deal and I found yet another color to join yellow as one my faves outside of the neutral zone. It turns out mint is not just for bad breath, it’s actually quite refreshing for your wardrobe and very flattering on brown skin tones. And the good news is that it’s one of the coolest colors for this spring, so you’re sure to find it on everywhere and everything. Check out some gems I’ve got on the wishlist (some pieces are more “aqua” as opposed to “mint”):

Forever 21 Neon Toe Ballet Flats $16.80

Forever 21 Essential Polka Dot Georgette Dress $24.80

Flying Tri-Colors Sky Blue Color Block Dress

Lulu’s Hearts-ichord Mint Green Long Sleeve $28.50

Lulu’s The Envelope, Please Mint and Peach Clutch $36.00

GoJane  Crochet Accent Shift Dress $43.20

GoJane Crochet Accent Shift Dress $43.20


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