Made U Look: Shift Dresses

Remember that Body-con dress I told you I lost my mind and bought in my last post?  Yeah well there’s a reason I’ve avoided them.  I’m a tiny girl, but apparently the bottles of Yellowtail Rose’ that were a regular part of my “I Survived Another Week Working at a Non-Profit” celebrations every weekend and the stomach pudge I seem to have developed didn’t get the memo.  Before my supervisor puts me on baby bump watch, I need to invest in some Spanx.   In the meantime, a new trend has come to my rescue: Shift Dresses.

Shift dresses are like shirt dresses, but will get you less stares in public since you actually look like you have on clothes.  Simply put,  a shift dress has straight lines and doesn’t hug your frame or cinch at the waist.  Classic shift dresses, my favorite kind, are sleeveless, knee-length and usually have a high-collar or boatneck.  They have a “mod” feel to them made popular in the 6o’s by trendsetters like Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow.  The updated versions come in a variety of colors, sleeve types and hemlines.

What I like most is that it works well for most body types.  Usually my itty bitty body type will drown in anything that’s not fitted (Learned that lesson the hard way.  Thanks, Old Navy), but shift dresses complement every figure from the skinny bitches to the big girls.  Here are just a few of my faves:

Mixed Stripes Shift Dress $22.80 @

Jagged Stripes Shift Dress $29.50 @

Mod Art Shift Dress $27.90 @

Colorblock Dress $19.90 @


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