Being Gay Doesn’t Automatically Make You Edgy or Fabulous


I really hate when people live up to the stereotype.  I hate when a Chinese person makes a left turn out of the right lane.  I hate when I see young black women getting on the bus in satin bonnets.  I hate when women act clueless about anything that doesn’t have to do with shoes or make up.  So when I went to show my support for my LGBTQ friends this past weekend at Philly Pride Day, my idealistic bubble was sure enough busted.

Here I was thinking I’d see a crowd of rainbow colors standing together to see some drag shows and fight for marriage equality but what I witnessed was something similar to a Same Sex Freaknic.  I love my LGBTQ friends and I know some of them have the tendency to be a bit extra, but I guess I’m just used to hanging out with well-seasoned, older gay men who are comfortable enough in their sexuality to not need to make a show out of it.  Philly Pride seemed to be filled with young people who wanted to be noticed for the sake of being noticed.  I didn’t get the vibe of support and awareness, but more so young people who wore their sexuality as an accessory and used it as an excuse to be flamboyant, loud and…as much as I need this word to die…ratchet.


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