Dear Blogs: We Aren’t All Built Like Coke Bottles…and That’s OK


If I’m being honest, most days I don’t take MediaTakeOut too seriously. I mean Rihanna can’t be pictured shaking someone’s hand  without them reporting that she became pregnant with their child under the influence of a 48-hour coke binge.  I get it, most blogs are purely for entertainment and hits.  If I want facts I’d probably fare better with the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google than consulting some random celebrity blog. I mean anyone can have a blog and write what they want.  Shit, I have a blog and write what I want.

My problem comes with the fact that the more momentum and larger audiences that these blogs gain, their ability to create norms and define beauty becomes magnified.  Left in the wrong hands, that’s a pretty dangerous superpower. Point being this headline: Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Takes Some Bikini Pics and Has The Body of 10 Year Old Boy.


OK, among my other skinny girl problems  like people assuming I don’t need room for my blood to circulate while seated on the bus or being repeatedly reminded to eat like I have it scheduled in a planner, this shit right here truly annoys me.  It’s no secret we live in a world of tub caulk asses and saline breasts.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s cool if a woman’s ass looks like this guy’s from The Oblongs:

Mikey: Twerking That Thang Since 2001

I’ve stated before that sometimes I glance at Nicki Minaj and question my own self-esteem as well as my own sexuality.  But I’m a skinny girl who’s embraced whatever little curves I have or lack a long time ago.  And no matter how much the blogs or hip-hop tries to convince me, I refuse to believe that if my ass isn’t overlapping my thighs I am not sexy,desirable or “grown”. I also refuse to believe that all men want a carbon copy straight from a Rick Ross video set.

I think it’s so funny how many things are associated with being thick and curvy.  I know people wouldn’t assume I was 17 when they first met me if they had to make room for my hips.  I know people wouldn’t think I’m as innocent and demure as I appear if I had trouble keeping my tits in my shirt.  I’m not throwing shade on the thick girls, I’m just saying that our culture can’t be this close-minded.

How contradictory is it to tell women that they shouldn’t starve themselves but it’s cool if you want to inject yourself with gallons of hydrogel since it doesn’t look any different than the real thing.  I went from one blog bashing “Chris Brown’s girlfriend” (by the way her name is Karrueche) to another with a headline saying, “Now We Know Why C Breezy just Can’t Seem to Leave Kae Alone.”  Huh?


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