Does Planning to See Your Ex Mean You Still Have Feelings For Them?

And by seeing, I don’t mean you randomly bump into them at the mall on the opening night of a Vin Diesel summer blockbuster. I mean intentionally making plans to have iced coffees and “catch up”. It’s one of those awkward situations that falls in relationship limbo. There are no easy answers and everyone involved walks away feeling a little unsure of where they stand.

About a year ago my ex and I finally got to a place where we could communicate candidly about our lives post break-up without anyone catching feelings or bringing up that good ole’ ammo we had in the “flaws I’m going to throw back in your face” arsenal. It’s an accomplishment since the more dramatic and intense a relationship is, the harder it is to go back to casual, friendly conversation where I can admit, “You know that completely gorgeous RN you were dating a few months back?  She’s good for you.”  Even better, those conversations are coming from a place of honesty and not just me trying to force how cool of an ex I am because I give new girlfriends my approval.  It’s a comfortable space, that most ex’s try to force immediately post break-up, but truly never get to.


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