Why Do Black People Love Louis Vuitton So Much?

Source: NoWayGirl.com

My fashion mantra is that you can make anything look great with enough style and confidence.  I love mixing edgy pieces with leather, silver accents, monochromes and pops of color.  I’ll shop anywhere from H&M to Topshop.  I don’t obsess over how much things cost; I like what I like and if I can afford it it’s joining my fashion family.  But then there are women who are self-proclaimed label whores.  These women think if you spend enough money, you can’t help but look great because Michael Kors and Hermes said so.  During my past trip to Toronto I became convinced that this is a myth.  My friend and I needed to kill some time before our bus left and we ended up in a department store called Hudson’s Bay which reminded me of a Canadian Macy’s.  Soon we were surrounded by tortoise-shell, ostrich feathers and heavy, colorful, costume jewelry that was so expensive it ended up looking cheap.  It made me a strong believer in the idea that the more money you make the more faulty your fashion choices become.

It reminds me of something I’ve always failed to understand: Black women’s obsession with Louis Vuitton.  Do black people really like Louis Vuitton and thinks it’s stylish or do we just jump on the trend bandwagon of whatever designer the next hottest rapper name drops in an anthem?  Women will set up a savings account to stack some money to one day afford an authentic monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag, like, “Fuck a college fund.  That Speedy is giving me life.”  But what baffles me beyond belief is that they all end up looking the same.  Furthermore, if you compare them to any monogrammed Coach bag, Michael Kors bag, shit even Guess all of those bitches look alike too.  I often find myself purposely looking for purses that you haven’t seen anywhere.  I want you to look at my bag and be like, “That’s a cute ass bag, but damn I wonder where she got it from.”


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