How to Tell If It’s Jail Talk or Real Talk


 For some women, there’s something about an operator asking “Will you accept the charges?” and one minute warnings that somehow get them feeling all flushed and feverish. I won’t pass judgment; there are plenty of good people who do bad things and just because some of them end up on The First 48, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have people who love and support them.

My confusion lies in the fact that there are men who are walking around educated, employed, without warrants for their arrest and most of them would never be able to pull as many loyal, devoted women as a man who has nothing to his name but a cell that makes the bathrooms at Wawa look like the Four Seasons.

Women will put their whole tax return on a man’s books just to hold it down, never stopping to remember that this man calls them more now that’s he’s locked up than he ever did when he was a free man.  Don’t be manipulated: There’s jail talk and then there’s real talk. Prison brings out the creativity in a man.  When a man is locked up all he can do is think of fairy tale life he has waiting for him after he serves his sentence.  Some men legitimately want to turn their lives around and do right by the women remaining faithful to them. Others are looking to manipulate any connection they have to the outside world to make those days pass a little bit faster and themselves feel a little less guilty.  Are you being sold a dream?  Here are 8 ways to tell:


One thought on “How to Tell If It’s Jail Talk or Real Talk

  1. Jucaaay says:

    Exaaaaaaaactly lol. What I tell my “friend” is ” life doesn’t stop on the outside. You know that!!” Right now it’s reeaaalllly hard to tell if anything is genuine so I’m just making sure any effort I put out wont be a loss if it turns out to be in vain. Ladies please don’t be so naive. If you’re not in a legitimate relationship (mainly marriage), live your life!!!!

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