Made U Look: Christmas Who? 10 Reasons Why Fall is the Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I’m usually overjoyed to see the summer go, since cooler temps mean I get to cover up my non-existent calves in dark demin skinny jeans, knee boots, bulky sweaters and one of my favorite accessories: scarves. But to be honest this summer wasn’t so bad. I realized that body con dresses were made for my body type as long as I lay of the Redd’s Apple Ale and I got through most of the summer days in wedge sneakers, flowy tank tops and leggings and midi dresses. It was nice having summer as my side chick. but my main bitch fall is back and still the baddest.

Fall is the season where I feel fashion and beauty is at it’s best.  Layering allows me to test my creativity with different colors, textures and patterns and my face has less enemies since sweat, bugs and heat are less of a threat.  And let’s not forget that the fashion Gods have smiled upon us and finally allowed H&M to provide on-line shipping. So get that Bill Me Later button ready, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here are just a few of my fall favorites:


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