10 Signs Cuffing Season Is In Full Effect

Source: HelloBeautiful.com

It’s that time of the year again folks where the leaves are turning colors, the brisk autumn winds are blowing and daylight savings time suddenly puts people under the pressure to do all the things they’ve seen in Boys II Men’s “Let It Snow” video. It’s when many women get the rude awakening that the routine of fucking and the occasional movie date on opening night for a summer blockbuster doesn’t exactly equate to a real relationship.  It’s cuffing season and for some women it’s the most wonderful time of the year because it means homeboy is suddenly going to be around to do the “family thing” like walking the kids to school hand in hand while having hot cocoa.  For others their man will completely the fuck disappear and they’ll find themselves having text-a-thons with a man who is suddenly incapable of answering his phone.  Don’t know which side of the season you fall on? Here are 10 signs that may help clear up that confusion:


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