No New Friends: It’s OK If All of Your Friends Aren’t Friends

No one likes to make choices between things that they like.  If you’re blessed to have social circle made up of more than that Desean Jackson look-alike you’ve been catfishing and your mom, then there will come a time where an extra ticket to an Outkast reunion concert, New Year’s Eve plans or even your wedding will force you to make some tough choices.  These same situations will also teach you one of life’s most difficult lessons: All of your friends can’t, nor should be friends.

I’m learning this lesson in several areas of my life.  I just got engaged about a month ago so now that my fiancee’s family is confident in the fact that I’m not just another girlfriend, they’ve been really anxious to get to know me.  I feel like I’m running for a political office with all the meet and greets I’ve been doing. For the past few months I’ve met people eager to call me cousin and let me know that now that I’m “in” I can feel free to visit the house for Sunday dinner whenever I feel, even if I’m riding solo while my fiancee’ is at work.  Maybe I’m really as anti-social as I’ve always suspected or maybe these things really do take time.  At the end of the day the only thing we have in common is that I share a bathroom with the same person you’ve grown up with; outside of that we are pretty much complete strangers.  Showing up by myself on Sunday to pass the potato salad to people I barely know is asking a lot from me.


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