Why Do We Stay In Dysfunctional Friendships?

Source: ClutchMagOnline.com

I don’t have any friends from high school that I’ve managed to stay close to.  I won’t be Instagramming any Throwback Thursday collages of us on Senior Match Day in Timbs and Tommy Hilfiger jackets or wedding pictures of me and the bridesmaids I’ve known since freshman year. In fact many of the friends that were closest to me aren’t even a Facebook search away and the last time I googled the high school bestie all I found was a mug shot and criminal record for petty theft.

Friendships have always been challenging for me.  I won’t rant about how hard it is for women to maintain friendships with other women because of drama and jealousy because the older you get the more you realize that that’s complete bull. It’s a lie women tell themselves when they refuse to work on their own negative attitudes that hinder them from seeing it’s not other women’s jealousy that keeps them from having a drama-free friendship, it’s their judgmental, entitled narcissism.

When women are confident and secure in themselves and one another, beautiful things can happen.  You’ll have a group of girls that won’t allow you to twerk on that Michael B. Jordan clone from accounting at happy hour because they know you have to look him in the eye Monday morning when you’re sober.  You’ll have girls who are down for Yoga class just because you want to try it even though they haven’t seen their pelvis since 2007.  If they’re really good friends they will tell you that you’re about to fuck up by continuing to let your ex dick you down whenever he’s in between girlfriends.


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