The Customer Is Always Right…Except When They’re Dead Ass Wrong

You gain a certain appreciation for customer service when you’ve worked in fast food or retail.  When Gina throws my Zesty Salsa Wheat Thins down the belt to the bag boy, I don’t take it personally.  Because I know very well Gina doesn’t give a shit about me or my snack choices. She’s just trying to keep herself from beating the living hell out of her manager for denying the PTO that she put in over two months ago.

I’ve noticed that more and more most of my shopping is done on-line. Some time ago I learned that people are getting way too dumb to multi-task and conduct themselves properly in public and that grown people are increasingly having issues with self-control and patience.  Can we stop this epidemic of consumer entitlement that attempts to convince the customer that they’re always right because they are the key to economy growth?  I mean seriously, all of this undue credit is going to their heads.  Here are 9 reasons why shopping just isn’t as fun as it was before I became a real adult who cares about customer service and three issues I need an Undercover Boss episode to rectify or something:


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