10 Ways to Instantly Be More Confident

We’re all self-conscious and I’ll be the second to admit it (Kanye was the first if you missed it).  If you chronically second-guess yourself,  rehearse what your going to say at the weekly office meeting twenty times before saying it and have a mini panic attack every time you’re forced to do an icebreaker with complete strangers, the following is for you:


1. Fake it ‘till you make it.

I have to give credit to my little cousin for teaching me this one (she’s on the right).  This chick could come out the house looking like a combination of Sweet Brown and a ghetto harajuku doll and get her catwalk on like, “And what?”  She may have a felt a mess but she damn sure didn’t look it and even if she had a huge pimple in the middle of her forehead, she’d get some black eyeliner and make it a mole.  And you know what?  Fools would compliment her like, “Your beauty mark is so different and exotic.”  Never underestimate the power of decent posture and a positive attitude.


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