Cruise Control: 10 Things I Just Learned About Cruise Vacations

In the continued effort to fulfill the goals pictured on my 2013 vision board, last week I went on my first official cruise.  With my fiancé and his family I toured parts of the Caribbean touching down at destinations including St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Marteen and Barbados.

I was reaffirmed of the lesson I learn no matter what vacation I take, big or small: It really is about who you travel with.  That goes for the people you’re with as well as those that you’ll meet.  Bad company is almost a sure fire way to ensure you won’t enjoy your trip.  By bad company, I mean folks that don’t know vacation means to relax, not to micro-manage, control or complain.  Bad company can have your ready to haul ass from the most beautiful places on earth.

Before you continue, I warn you I may be somewhat biased.  When it comes to vacation I’m just not a beach-blanket-bingo kind of girl.  If you’ve noticed some of the most epic experiences of my life have taken place in big cities.  I like hustle and bustle, fancy restaurants, shopping malls, and trendy clubs.  Relaxing on the sands of a Barbados beach with a rum punch was beautiful for about fifteen minutes and then I found myself wondering, “What’s next?”  I make no apologies:  I am typical North-Philly born and raised rose from concrete.  I don’t snorkel.  I don’t jet-ski.  I feel like if we were meant to swim we’d have been born with gills.  But the great thing about a cruise is that there’s more than enough to do, if you have a little bit of common sense and know where to find the fun:


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