Single Black Female Addicted to Retail: 10 Reasons Why We Stay Broke

Kanye called it: I got a problem with spending before I get it.  In fact this morning I once again found myself doing some creative math hoping that if I added up the bills in a different order somehow there would be some money left over for me to play, or who knows, maybe even save for a rainy day. Of course the only thing I discovered that needed to be checked was my unnecessary spending and not my math.

I work 40 hours a week.  I volunteer.  I give back.  I’m a good person.  I pay my bills and taxes and I don’t try to scam the government because my ass knows better.  Uncle Sam will catch me claiming somebody’s kid and shut all my shit down, meanwhile Tanisha around the corner can claim her and her hairdresser’s kids and the government will be like, “Can we give you any more tax breaks this year, ma’am?  You still have those Pitbulls in the yard that can get you another $1300 on your refund.”

The point is, I deserve nice things. But sometimes I lose my damn mind.  Well more like every 2 weeks I lose my damn mind and buy another pair of jeans I don’t need or some bundles of Freetress Beach Curl  weave because it’s pretty and I’ll use it…one day. I’m seriously trying to escape this mindset that every paycheck requires me to be ridiculously self-indulgent and spend some more time being thankful that I can pay my bills, watch some satellite TV and have a little left over.

For a while I got really good at budgeting and saving, but then some bad habits crept back in where I found myself borrowing from my savings, taking full advantage of grace periods and developing another addiction: caffeine.  But like most things in life, being fiscally responsible is all about balance.  It’s about finding the gray area between relegating yourself to water and peanut butter sandwiches to save money, but also not filling your closet with Michael Kors and then looking crazy when your student loan payment is due.  I’m definitely not as disciplined as I could be but here are a few habits that am I kept myself from digging the debt hole even deeper and prioritizing my paycheck:


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