10 Things That Made Best Man Holiday The Worst

best man holiday

**Warning: This piece contains spoilers, but no worries.  If you intend on seeing the movie you’ll completely figure out the whole plot within the first 20 minutes.

“Times change.  Friendship doesn’t,” reads the tag line for the highly-anticipated Best Man Holiday…but apparently neither does the plot.   Don’t get me wrong, Best Man Holiday is a good film, but it falls into the trap that many horror sequels do: Besides the huge shocker it highly depends on to keep your interest, it’s basically the same movie as the first.

Admittedly, I’m biased when it comes to black film.  As proud as I am to see our brothers and sisters on the big screen in roles that don’t include cross-dressing, gang banging and stripper poles, it does bother me that we’ve been seeing the same 6 -10 black performers in big-screen dramas for the past 20 years.  I mean, Morris Chestnut and Nia Long have got to be sick of sharing the same set since 1991.

Best Man Holiday hit theaters this past weekend and every ratchet across the country who wanted to commemorate cuffing season begged and pleaded her man to take her for date night.  The movies are expensive and sitting to watch a drama with an audience of other emotional folk for $10.00 a ticket isn’t my idea of a good time.  In fact, if something isn’t getting blown up or there’s no creepy kid walking on all fours on the ceiling, I pretty much don’t even entertain date night at the cinema.  That’s just not my thing.  But alas I was dragged to see Best Man Holiday by my best friend.  Since I predicted the whole movie within the first 20 minutes, it left me plenty of time to write about 10 things that Best Man Holiday could’ve done better:


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