10 Signs You’re Probably A Pretty Girl

Source: OceanUp.com

Even though I ‘m not really buying Beyonce’s cliché confessions of the hard knock life of being beautiful on “Pretty Hurts”, admittedly, “pretty” aches a little from time.

The problem with being pretty is that it is being claimed by too many women who don’t quite fit the description.  There is an Instagram epidemic of overly-confident selfies being labeled #PrettyGirlRock and  #PrettyGang by women who look like this:

Source: MadBetty.com

Ironically the very women who could probably claim #TeamPretty are the very ones who don’t feel comfortable doing so.  It’s like some kind of unwritten rule of being attractive that you don’t run around declaring your beauty because somehow that automatically makes you a bitch.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking the way you look and claiming that.  In fact too many women wait to be told how attractive they are by unrealistic standards that men create that lie somewhere between anime movies and King magazine.  But all too often many of us run from the label as we constantly obsess over what flaws deny us the opportunity to be “the pretty one”.  It’s like the moment when we decide that we’re pretty bad ass, some rapper comes along and reassures us that since we’re not a “light-skinned thick redbone” we surely aren’t.

So just in case you needed some reassuring, if any of the following things are happening to you, you might just have a case of being pretty.  So get your hashtag on and own that shit:


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