The Blonde Leading the Blind: Why Women Need to Stop Taking Love Advice from Beyonce’

Something bothers me about “ratchet Beyonce’”.  When I bought The Dream’s last album I got a preview of her on the track “Turn Up” and I kind of liked her, but after hearing about her riding on surfboards and other candid details of her fondness for dromedary sex, I must admit I feel a lot of things but the least of them is “turned on”.

Not too long after the Beyonce’s latest epic release, HuffPost published a piece by Black Colored Girls called The Problem with Beyhive “Bottom Bitch” Feminism which takes an articulate look into the problem with placing Beyonce’ as a poster child for ratchet feminism.  It was the pea for my princess as to what exactly bothered me about this somewhat brand new Beyonce’.

It’s no secret that Beyonce’ has struggled to find her voice in her career in a way that most women could relate to. How often have we moved from a situation where our parents were calling the shots, directly to an employer or mate who made all of the decisions for us? I remember watching interviews with Beyonce’ in the past where she just had this vacant gaze that made me wonder if a Disney short was playing behind her eyes while either Kelly, Mama Tina or even Solange seemed to speak with so much confidence.  But with every album I saw her grow, and when she shed her father as her manager and married Jay-Z it almost seemed that the R&B butterfly had broken free and found her own voice…or did she merely fly under another man’s wing?


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