Ho Ho Ho Hangover: 12 Tips on Coming Down from Your Holiday High

As I took down my Christmas tree Sunday afternoon I realized three things:

1.  It’s all over. Drunken gingerbread house construction, Wine and Wii Weekend featuring Just Dance: New Year’s Eve edition, and all the gifts I DIDN’T get.

2.  The next time I put up this tree I’ll be someone’s wife.

3.  I paid way too damn much for these glittery-ass Home Depot decorations not to come with any hanging hooks.

A recent British study further confirmed that Monday, January 6th would be the most depressing day of the year.  It was the Monday after the holiday break and all this week people are returning to their 9-5’s with the realization that all we really have to look forward to are a few three day weekends sprinkled throughout the winter and the occasional snow day shutting the city down. It gets better: You have that godforsaken lull between February and April where the weekend is the only time you don’t have to deal with a supervisor whose enthusiasm for their work retired about three years before they did.

If you’re anything like me, you had a great holiday filled with family, friends and successfully not breaking your budget to make everyone’s Christmas dreams come true.  Still, I dread getting back into the normal 9-5 grind knowing that my only relief will come courtesy of MLK Day.  If you had a less than happy holiday, you may be happy to see it all come to an end, but realize you too don’t feel like you have much otherwise to look forward to.  Well, there are 11 other months that you can make the most of.  Keep your head up despite coming down from your holiday high with these 12 tips:


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