12 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Social Media

I remember mornings when I would wake up and actually get out of bed, pee, brush my teeth and get ready to start my day.  Now I wake up and instantly look at my phone so I can see all the new IG likes, Twitter followers and Facebook comments I got in the wee morning hours. I check social media throughout the day way too much for my taste and use the excuse that I’m a writer and I like to see the feedback I’m getting for all of the great work I’m putting out there. But the truth is most of the time I’m bored, I’m nosy and sometimes I feel like Grumpy Cat is the only one who really “gets me” besides Jim from The Office.

One week this year I promise to take a break from social media because I know I have a problem.  It just won’t be this week.  If you’re doing any of the following, it may be time for you to get your social media sabbatical on too:


One thought on “12 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Social Media

  1. The Sky Runner says:

    I actually went “cold turkey” and deactivated my Facebook on Saturday. My original thought was, even for 24 hours I’d be happy, but honestly I’m not even missing it that much because it has made me actually TEXT my friends actively to ask what’s going on, instead of just reading the newsfeed. So my plan is to go at least through the end of this week, or maybe even longer.

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