You Can’t Squat With Us: Do Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Make You Uncomfortable?


I remember my first experience with a unisex bathroom.  I had snagged my dream job at Planned Parenthood and as I squatted in a stall in the ladies restroom during a break at orientation, I noticed a laminated neon sign posted on the door that read something like, “Our bathrooms are open to all people regardless of what gender they choose to identify or not identify with.  We ask that you respect our staff and guests’ right to use whichever bathroom they please.” At that moment I instantly knew I was working at the right place and all I could think was how awesome that was.  Afterwards whenever I was at a gay club with my friends it was no shock to me to see men and women using whatever bathroom they wanted, and honestly I loved seeing gay men in the bathroom helping their girlfriends with their hair and makeup throwing shade at every girl with an unevenly arched eyebrow.


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