10 Things I’ve Learned In My Two Weeks As An Editor

woman frustrated at computer

So about a month ago as I was waiting inside the lobby of my job for my ride and I scrolled through my Yahoo inbox to see an e-mail from the deputy editor at MadameNoire.com titled “Weekend Editor Position”.  It turns out that the current weekend editor had some other obligations leaving the position open.  A little birdie otherwise known as the site’s awesome assistant editor had referred me noting that my writing was clean and after writing for the site for five years, I expressed wanting some growth in my writing career.

You may note that a little over a month ago with the start of the new year, one of the goals listed on my dream board stated, “I will not freelance forever, however, I will be a journalist, staff writer, editor or assistant editor.”  Now maybe I’m a little high on faith and the laws of attraction, but ever since I’ve been reading my Christmas gift, Joel Osteen’s Breakout!, I been trying to put into practice this idea of praying big.  I’ve never been the most religious person, but I had reached a frustrated point in my progress as a writer where I needed something to believe in.  I needed a sign that I should keep writing and not start filling out grad school applications. I couldn’t tell you whether recent opportunities in my life came just because it was finally time for my hard work to pay off or whether someone heard my prayers, but I will say this:  Never underestimate speaking (or tweeting) things into existence.  Whether God heard my prayer or my editor paid closer attention to my blog than I thought, someone heard me and someone helped make my goals happen.

As a result I’ve quickly realized I only have two hands and those are spent covering breaking news like celebrity baby showers and bad fake booty jobs on the weekends for the site. The time I devote to BulletsandBlessings has taken a hit, but I’m begging you to please be patient as I discipline myself a little more and rearrange my schedule.  In the meantime, I’ve noticed some incredible differences between writing and editing that I’d like to share before anyone decides they want to start their own blog or edit someone else’s.


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