What’s Everyone’s Issue With Iggy?

iggy azalea exploiting black culture

Did I miss something? Because it seems the hip-hop community is blaming Iggy Azalea for everything from the Holocaust to Jim Crow Laws and I don’t get it. Did she open a show in a white hooded sheet on a horse? Was there some racist tweet where she got a little lax with the n-word? Why have we decided that Iggy Azalea is a representative of “the man” and all the ways he has stolen from us and exploited our culture?

If it isn’t Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj diagnosing the “Black Widow” rapper with albinism, Jill Scott and Eve are saying her “blaccent” is nothing but a “big bite”. Damn, I forgot since Iggy is originally from Australia she should be tossing back Molsons and talking about “mates” and “dingos” in a VIP booth at Outback Steakhouse. C’mon folks, we can’t really be that same kind of close minded we’re accusing any white person who dares to rock some cornrows and freestyle over a bass heavy beat of.

If the British aren’t getting their crumpets in a bunch over Nicki Minaj’s Mary Poppins manslaughter of a British accent, I don’t understand why we’re getting in our feelings that Iggy wanted to add some hood twang to her tongue. It seems like as of late our culture feels the need to make these musical artists represent more than what they really do. Why did Beyonce’s last album have to be some ground breaking movement on feminism? Why couldn’t it just be something to turn up to when it’s time to make the headboard bang with your boo. And why is Iggy Azalea being vilified as a modern day slave master?Why can’t we just let the bitch rap? There are plenty of political and social change makers addressing these same issues. Maybe we need to turn from BET to CNN for five seconds and learn about some of them instead of trying to make these music artists multitask entertaining us AND changing the world.

I don’t know about you all, but when I did tune into the BET Awards I was tired of seeing Nicki Minaj in the same category as artists who hadn’t had a hit since Free and A.J. hosted 106 and Park. So when it seemed Iggy was giving Nicki some significant competition, it was refreshing. It reminded me of my high school days when you had Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Ms. Jade AND Eve to name a few. It was proof that just like there’s Jay-Z, Nas, Ja-Rule there could be more than one female rapper killing it in hip-hop, and that more than one could be good at it. At that’s the whole thing, regardless of who writes her rhymes or is responsible for her image, she’s got a decent thing going. She’s gorgeous, she’s not painful to listen to, and “Beg For It” is my shit, actually. She’s doing everything that she’s supposed to so why are some critics making it their mission in life to discredit her?


3 thoughts on “What’s Everyone’s Issue With Iggy?

  1. T says:

    I don’t have a problem with her, I think her lyrical skills could use some work, but then again I’m not a rapper. That fancy song is my shizz for sure. I don’t think she’s doing any different than any other artist trying to make it big in the music industry. Shoot if I were Azealea Banks instead of crying and bitching over the white girl “winning”, when they both surfaced they both could’ve benefited from doing some kind of collaboration IMO. The Robin Thicke reference was on point, I mean nobody got mad at Tina Marie for singing R&B music and singing it damn well. I’m with you, I don’t see what the big deal is, if Iggy is so horrible maybe stop harping on it and let the industry see how mediocre she really is rather than increasing her hype by continuing to talk about her. I’m sure her label, and manager love that people can’t keep her name out of their mouths.

  2. Megan says:

    I have never understood why she became the scapegoat for every issue the black race had with the white race. She single handedly became responsible for Ferguson’s Michael Brown, Ohio’s Tamir Rice etc. I got into debate regarding her because I didn’t understand where the anger toward her came from. I didn’t get if it was because she was rapping or because she wanted a big booty or her connection T.I. or the Australian thing. I was told that she was saying disparaging remarks on Twitter but I then asked “who doesn’t?”. Is that what Twitter is for? I am at a loss as to why the general population of people look to celebrities to be the poster child for everything. She’s no more the representation of white girls then Beyonce is for black girls. People need to quit. Let the child make her money and if they don’t like turn the radio off.

  3. thebayarean says:

    I like some of her songs but am no fan of her as an “artist” which is the case with many rappers that are out today, black or white. I think everyone’s biggest criticism is her lack of authenticity, i.e. her sudden “blaccent” and appropriation of black culture as a foreigner and outsider. Old videos have surfaced of what she USED to sound like, and it’s a far cry from how she is now. This I agree with and I have to say it turns me off big time!

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