5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Compete With Your BFF’s New Boyfriend


For months you’ve had someone who would pick apart Facebook wedding albums with you about why the Mrs. Soon-To-Be-So-and-So couldn’t afford an open bar because she spent so much money on the god awful coral mermaid-cut gown. You and your bestie would jog around in your yoga pants and complimentary girl power, self-righteous in the comfort of not needing or wanting a man. You’re too busy throwing back Alabama slammers after a long day of getting your mogul in the making on climbing the career ladder. Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a bestie?

But then it happens. It starts with a sexy Trey Songz look-a-like at happy hour, licking his lips and sneaking glances at your girl from the bar. You low-key peep her making eye contact and running her fingers through her Bobbi Boss all smitten-like and in no time he’s getting his Bottoms Up on at your table. Next thing you know, it’s two weeks later, and you’re getting sporadic responses to your texts and home girl is repeatedly postponing that jog because she’s too winded in the wee morning hours from getting her boots smoked from Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl.

Yep, he did that. And that familiar feeling of being annoyed by absolutely nothing and picking apart your girl’s new relationship is jealousy. And not necessarily jealousy because you want some of what she has, but more so just a case of you missing your friend. But before you go making an enemy out about of your new friend by default, consider how making her man your competition could eventually leave you all alone:


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