About Bullets and Blessings

Bullets and Blessings

Bullets and Blessings started out as Truth With a Hint of Lie which allowed me to speak bluntly about the facts and falsehoods of love, sex, relationships and life.  While working as a sex educator from 2009-2011, what I discovered about many young women is that they had little education about the basics of birth control and sexual health, and even if they knew about Nuva-Rings and IUD’s they often had little confidence about exploring their sexual values and identities.  Truth With a Hint of Lie was a place where I could speak honestly about sex so that more women felt comfortable exploring their sexual values and educating themselves about sexual health.

What I quickly discovered through blogging was that I was so much more than what was in my sex-ed kit.  No matter if I was working as a “Condom Lady” or teaching parenting skills to teen moms, my agenda was the same: To empower and uplift black women through positive images and messages that are often missing from the media. After a short identity crisis, my new blog title came to me after I heard Ms. Beyonce’ Knowles belt, “Thank God I dodged a bullet…” in her single Best Thing I Never Had.  It got me thinking about all of the things I’ve experienced over the past few years just trying to maintain my integrity and still make a buck as a young black female professional.  In today’s world where most folks don’t care who you are unless you’ve got a sex tape or reality show catchphrase, that’s a lot harder than many people think.

While I’ll still be reading in between the lines of the facts and falsehoods of love, sex and relationships and well…that little thing called life, Bullets and Blessings will focus on all the blessings that I’ve caught because of all of the bullets I’ve dodged in the hopes that other young women just trying to find their way like myself don’t get caught in the crossfire. Bullets and Blessings is a chance for me to express all the great things I didn’t get to say in a conversation where the topic passed too soon.  It’s all the things I that I reserve to my thoughts that would otherwise get me fired, dumped, slapped or all three.   I’ll laugh about love and cry about my career.  I’ll use a bunch of profanity while sharing my unpopular opinions and at times I’ll be extremely random.  But you can bet that I’ll always be honest about my embarrassing mistakes, my faults, failures and the treasured times when I get this whole sex, love and life thing right.   I’ll share my experiences and bite the bullet so that hopefully you don’t have to.