What Do You Want to See End in 2010?

Sorry folks, but 2009 got a lil’ intense for me and I haven’t been blogging as I properly should. But now I’m focused and ready to take this writing thing of mine a bit more seriously. With that said, Brittany Murphy passed away today at age 32 from cardiac arrest which got me thinking about Michael Jackson, DJ AM, Chris Henry, Shaniya Davis, Derrion Albert, and many others: all relatively young people who have passed away.

The thing about death is that when the person is elderly or sick, you in a way have a moment to prepare for your grief, although you never truly can tell how you’ll react until death is right outside of the door. But these deaths came so suddenly as a result of a certain lifestyle, environment, etc.. Seems a bit unnatural to me, but I refuse to believe that events in life occur for no reason.

With that said, I am no longer going to procrastinate and allow myself to be a prisoner of pressure, fear or success. Bringing that to an end, which means more blogs from me (Yayyy, I know you’re so excited!) Who agrees with me in seeing the following come to an end in 2010:

1.) Death at a young age. As I mentioned above, too many young people are dying way to early as a result of violence and dangerous lifestyles. My man Jerry Springer said it best: In 2010 we should focus on taking better care of ourselves, and “each other.”

2.) Being famous for no damn reason. In 2010 I’m gonna need my celebrities made the old fashioned way with talent, athletic ability, superior skill, and/or at least somewhat attractive. From Natalie Nunn to Tila Tequila, why are these chicks famous again? If you can make a come up off of trash talking and showing your tig-ol-bitties all the time, I know a few strip clubs worthy of Academy Awards.

3.) Reality shows that depict women as catty whores. I’ll admit Bad Girls Club is mildly entertaining, and Real and Chance had me rolling, but in 2010 can we get more positive roles for women that don’t involve adjectives and side orders as titles for these characters?

4.) Groupies making come ups aka the “Have A Baby By Me be a Millionaire” trend. Since when did it become cool to get knocked up and then sue a man for enough money to feed and build condos for a small Korean village? On that note, when did it become cool to bypass condoms? Between Nik Pace and Braylon Edwards (who probably should’ve been out grinding on go-see’s instead of on Braylon) Natalie Nunn working over time to convince us Chris Brown and her did the nasty.  I’m gonna need chicks to achieve fame and financial stability by doing more than bending over and grabbing their ankles. Kids are blessings that should be love and treasured and brought into healthy relationships that have some thought behind them.  In 2010, can we stop treating them like meal tickets?

Those are my thoughts, what would you like to see done and over with by 2010?