Why Are We Suddenly Obsessing About Women Choosing To Be Childfree?


There’s a movement happening in motherhood and the new parental breakthrough being applauded is the choice to be child free. You can’t peruse a blog or walk through a Barnes and Noble without women happily defending their decision to NOT be someone’s mommy. There’s “Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed” an anthology of stories from women who have chosen to be child-free. And there isn’t a day that I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed that I don’t come across an article like Zero Buns In The Oven in which women feel the need to defend what takes place (or doesn’t) inside their uterus.

Newsflash: Parenthood is a personal choice that isn’t for everyone, and I can’t help but wonder why the issue has to be so black and white. The decision to parent isn’t as simple as we keep trying to make it. If we aren’t damning anything with ovaries straight to hell that isn’t sporting a mini human on their hip by 30, we are talking about why it’s the best thing ever to only be responsible for the well-being of a glass of wine.