Not MY Daughter: “Hot Girls Wanted” Reveals America’s Unhealthy Relationship With Sex

hot girls wanted

This weekend my 7 month-old actually napped long enough for me to catch Hot Girls Wanted, a little Sundance gem produced by Rashida Jones, the maverick who once played Jim Halpert’s rebound girlfriend we all hated to love on The Office. On top of being the spawn of old-school, super producer Quincy Jones, she also moonlights as a comic book author, screenwriter and singer (Yep, she sings “Wanted to Be Loved” on the doc’s soundtrack).

Needless to say in 84 minutes on top of gaining Jones as a new superhero, Hot Girls Wanted reaffirmed to me a sad truth that I’ve spent a good portion of my sex-ed career fighting to change: America has an unhealthy and sickening relationship with sex. The documentary follows several fresh-faced young girls barely out of their high school graduation gowns who leave their small West Bumblefuck towns chasing dreams of stardom and “the good life” in the big city of Miami. Apparently, Miami is becoming a leader in porn production since companies can escape Los Angeles laws that now require performers to wear condoms. Safe sex is apparently a buzzkill in porn profit, since many viewers prefer to watch porn that doesn’t feature condoms.


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